Aroma Bit to produce the world’s first “scent” Japan wine tasting event ”The words of grapes~Art x J-Wine x Technology”


Aroma Bit, Inc. is sponsoring Japan Wine Tasting Event “The words of grapes ~ Art x J-Wine x Technology# on December 9th, 2017. featuring the world’s first “scent” technology.


The details are as follows:

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The world’s first “scent” technology and collaboration with Japan’s best wineries gathered from across the country. While enjoying the wine of a gem, you can experience a new style of sales and purchase by “visualizing fragrance”.

Also at the venue, we set up fusuma painting works by UGETSU which draws nature’s vitality dynamically with our own brush and ink, and screened images.

Also collaborated with Japanese wine manga “God’s Drops”. You can enjoy the fragrance of wine with an official wineglass in collaboration with the manga.

In addition, speaking of wine is cheese. We can sample various Tokachi cheese from Meiji Co., Ltd.


SAKE TECH LAB 2017 #1 Official Webpage


Teaser movie of preceding Sake Tasting Event [SAKE TECH LAB 2017 #1] held on  June 4th, 2017